Doing our part

The Print and Imaging Lab is committed to giving back to our environment. To support this goal, we have partnered with PrintReleaf, a certification and software solution that automates the process of replenishing our global forestry system. PrintReleaf allows us to calculate the environmental impact of each print job we produce, and automatically fund and initiate the process of replanting those trees across various sustainable forest initiatives.

The Print Lab will automatically claim all printed orders on PrintReleaf at no additional cost to you. However, you can also opt in to include a PrintReleaf badge--still at no additional cost to you--on your design to let your audience know that ASU is doing its part to support the environment. Simply ask your customer service representative about displaying your PrintReleaf certification badge on the job, and we’ll handle the rest! If you want to learn more about how PrintReleaf can be used with your department and the advanced reporting features it can offer you, please reach out to us for more information.

To learn more about PrintReleaf, please visit

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How print is better for the environment

A common misconception is that printing is bad for the environment because it cuts down trees. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth, as trees are a replenishable resource. We need to plant more trees to positively affect our environment and climate, and printing more is a direct driving force to planting more trees.

To address climate change, we must use more wood, not less. Using wood sends a signal to the marketplace to grow more trees and to produce more wood. That means we can then use less concrete, steel and plastic — heavy carbon emitters through their production. Trees are the only abundant, biodegradable and renewable global resource.

Dr. Patrick Moore, Greenpeace


For another great resource explaining the effects of the print industry and even how printing emits less CO2 than emails, see as well as

Zero Waste

The Print Lab has partnered with ASU’s Zero Waste initiative to recycle all paper scraps and other waste to ensure it is properly recycled. On average we recycle 6,000 pounds of paper and cardboard per month.

For more information about ASU Zero Waste, visit