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Self-service standardized stationery and branded products

ASU Print Online

What we offer

ASU Print Online offers a self-service option for ordering a wide variety of standardized ASU products, such as:

  • Business cards
  • Envelopes 
  • Notecards
  • Letterhead
  • Metal name tags
  • Retirement Certificates
  • Campus guides
  • Popup banners

Not finding what you're looking for? Visit our Custom printing page to see a full range of custom products we can produce for you.

ASU Print Online for faculty and staff

Faculty/Staff login

For custom ASU stationery and printed brand collateral

ASU Print Online is a self-service print online service for all standardized ASU stationery and branded products, including business cards, envelopes, name tags, and more. Each product can be customized using ASU-approved templates and ordered in minutes. Additionally, a number of other ready-made brand resources, such as Campus Resource Guides, magazines, brand booklets, and posters, are also available for purchase.

For security purposes, staff and faculty accounts require manual approval before registration is completed. To begin the process, click on the “Faculty and Staff” link above and then select “ASU Login” to sign in with your ASURITE credentials. Our staff will review and approve accounts within 1 business day. You will receive an email containing further instructions once your account has been activated.

While the account is being set up, please watch this tutorial video to familiarize yourself with our system. If you have any questions, call 480-727-1636.

ASU Print Online for students

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For student business cards, showcase posters, and course-specific projects

ASU Print Online services are also available for students. Order custom business cards, or submit files for certain class projects or poster showcase events here. No registration approval is required - simply click on the “Students” link and sign in with your ASURITE ID to browse available products.

About ASU's stationery design

ASU's stationery design is based on a left-aligned logo and information block, reinforcing the alignment and readability of the endorsed logo system. These systems are designed to accommodate varying lengths of addresses, department names, titles and names of people using the materials to represent university work. Departments that use an endorsed logo may include it on all pieces of stationery, including business cards, letterhead, envelopes, notepads and notecards. Departments that do not have an endorsed brand may use the official ASU logo on stationery and may list the unit name in separate typography.

For more information, please visit the ASU Brand Guide.