What we do

Custom projects are a huge portion of what we do at the Print and Imaging Lab and they can range from small cards and flyers to gigantic wall graphics with acrylic panels overlayed. Knowing where to start and how to get things done is where our fantastic team can step in.

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Signs, banners, decor  

We offer a full spectrum of large format services that can capture your next project more than likely. If you read this section and you're not sure if it's something we can handle, give us a call at 480-727-1636 or email print@asu.edu; we can help you out. We have an incredibly knowledgeable team focused on finding innovative solutions.


We have you covered for a tradeshow or event—whether it's a traditional satin poster, a print directly to foam-core, or If you are traveling, we even print on fabric to easily pack it in a suitcase.

If you are an ASU student looking to print a poster for a specific class or event, check our FAQ page to see if there is a unique process that your course or instructor has set up for you.

Popups and tradeshow graphics

Popup (retractable) banners are a fantastic way to showcase what you do at an event visually. We offer a few standard sizes that we typically have hardware in stock. (see gallery below for sizes and options)

We also offer many other products like Banner Displays, Table Covers, Flags, Floor Displays, and more!

If you need a different size, let us know, and we are happy to look into it for you; keep in mind that we don't manufacture the hardware and may need to order from the manufacturer. Please plan accordingly in your timeline for special sizes.

We love recycling and repurposing hardware as much as possible. If you have existing popup banners that you have had for years and want to have the graphics replaced with a newer design, we can do that. Especially if it were a Premium Popup Banner, we printed for you! If you're unsure where it came from, we can look at the hardware and see if it is replaceable.


We can produce all sorts of signage from 4'x8' banners, acrylic photo panels, wall wraps, window graphics, pole banners, a-frames, and many more. To get an idea of the different types of signage commonly used at the university, take a long at this page on the brandguide.

Permanent signage

In conjunction with our counterparts at the Enterprise Marketing Hub, we work tirelessly to ensure that the signage produced for our campuses is created on brand the right way. Are you looking for banners, wall graphics, acrylic prints, construction banners? We recommend it will be best to check in with the Signage design and placement page first. You may need approval from your units' lead communicator, the Enterprise Marketing Hub, and the Office of the University Architect before you get started.

We would love to get a quote on a project for budgetary reasons, we completely understand and can help you out with that and give our feedback along the way about the known do's and don'ts before having you submit a request to the signage page.

Temporary signage

If your signage isn't going to be attached to an ASU building, is only up for a day, and needs to be completed quickly, you can work with plenty of temporary signage options.

A-frames or sandwich boards can be ordered on ASU Print Online using the university-approved template for your events. You can also purchase the hardware or rent and return it to us after the event.

Mailing projects

Before you begin designing your mailing, we encourage you to give us a call at 480-727-1636. Our office can provide you with recommendations on the best size, shape, and weight to provide the best value for your mailing needs. We work closely with Mail Services to ensure your mailing project goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Pick and Pack
  • Promotional design
  • Printing and finishing
  • Ink-jetting
  • Sorting
  • Addressing
  • Stuffing
  • Stamping
  • Cass/NCOA
  • Folding

The U.S. Postal Service has specific rules and design specifications that significantly impact mailability and cost. Our Mail Services USPS certified staff could provide vital information that can help keep your project under budget and avoid costly mistakes.

Variable Data Printing

The Print and Imaging Lab offers variable data printing that will allow you to personalize communications using your existing mailing lists.  We will work with you to merge your list data into the body of your communication to create a targeted form.  We can Mail merge, print, fold, and send to Mail Services with your personalized projects as part of our services.

We also offer a self-serve premade template through ASU Print online. This customizable postcard template can help you to quickly communicate an on-brand message to the ASU community with a personal touch.

Simply enter your personalized message, upload a list of recipients and addresses (either individually or in bulk through the CSV template) and your postcards will be mailed via USPS first class mail.

PLEASE NOTE: The price does not include the cost of postage, which is typical $.35 per postcard. The postage cost will be billed separately by ASU Mail Services using your mailing barcode. If you would like to use a different size, custom artwork, or a bulk quantity of over 500 postcards, please email print@asu.edu to explore custom options for your project.

Variable data can take on many other forms than just addressing. If you have an excel file with data you can more than likely get creative with it and attach it to a design and incorporate a personalized piece for every one printed. Variable images and unique designs can be linked through data as well. In variable data printing you can let the data empower your design to bring a whole new level of customization to your work.


In all different shapes and sizes, books and bound content has been a format that is heavily relied on in the printing industry. At the ASU Print and Imaging Lab, we can produce all kinds of books for you.

  • Perfect Binding
  • Saddle Stitching
  • Three -Ring binding
  • Wire-O Binding
  • Side Stitching
  • Corner Stapling
  • Spiral/Coil Binding
  • Hard Cover Binding (Adhesive or Smythe Sewn)
  • Rivit
  • Side Sewn

Saddle stitching

Pamphlets and catalogs often come to mind when thinking of saddle stitching. This type of binding is done by applying staples on your folded edge. This is a very economical way to put multiple pages together and be able to flip through them.

Saddle stitch books must be designed with pages in multiples of 4 (ie. 8, 12, 16, 20, 36, 40, etc.). We can oftentimes add a blank page or two at the beginning or end to help meet this requirement due to the pagination. If you are just starting to design a saddle stitch book keep this constraint in mind.

Perfect binding

Softcover books are what you would typically know as a perfect-bound book. This method of binding is completed by taking a book block of your interior pages and gluing them to the inside of a cover.

We can produce books with as little as 2 sheets of paper and up to 2 inches thick. This type of binding doesn't have the same 4-page requirement as saddle stitching since the pages don't print side by side and fold over. In perfect binding, you can have your interior pages be designed in multiples of 2 pages or you can end on an odd number and have your last page be blank.

For the cover, keep in mind the thickness of your book and that you may have a spine and you can put an additional design or text on your spine. If you are unsure what your spine thickness will be reach out to us (print@asu.edu) and let us know how many pages your book is going to be and what paper you are planning to print on and we can help you out.

Coil and wire binding

Coil bound, or "spiral" bound books, as well as wire-bound books, get produced for projects such as manuals, workbooks, journals, guides, handbooks, agendas, and reports that need to be used daily for reference. This binding method is durable and allows books to easily lay flat and fold over 360 degrees on themselves making them very versatile and great for note-taking. This process uses single sheets of paper printed on both sides, collated on the press in page number order, and cut down to the final size before being bound.

With coil binding, a plastic coil loop shaped like a long spring passes through a row of punched holes at the end of the printed piece. The binding can be on the left or top of the project, making it a good option for booklets and calendars. An added bonus to the spiral binding option is that there are different coil colors, sizes, and diameters available to accommodate your project. These spiral coils can bind pages up to 2 inches thick.

In wire binding, there are pre-formed pairs of two small loops of wire that run along a c-shaped spine that looks like a comb. The wire loops get inserted through each punched square hole at the edge of the printed book's cover, and this will allow the pages of your book to line up precisely. A wire closer squeezes the spine until it is round and secures the cover and pages. Depending on the book design, the binding can be on the left or at the top.

Our standard in-stock color for wire binding is black. Wire-o binding requires a lower page count than spiral binding up to 9/16" thick. See more details here


Marketing material

Can print marketing materials still impact the age of social media and smartphones? The answer is yes.  Print marketing stands out against all the digital noise more than ever. According to Scientific American, digital screens interfere with text navigation, which results in a mental drain rather than enabling you to process the information thoroughly. Studies show that paper advertisements activate the brain part associated with reinforcement and reward. These studies show that print marketing still has a more significant and focused impact than digital means. Here are a few more ways print and paper can help your business unit: Print is a tactile way to tell your brand's story. 

  • Create customized ASU brand marketing materials to target your audience.
  • Create consistent branding for business cards, letterhead, sell sheets, and folders.
  • Custom on brand presentation Google doc (See sample files for ideas)
  • Print professional designs for your postcards, flyers, posters, and brochures
  • Send out personalized mail to customers or a target demographic.
  • Create custom apparel products.

The Print and Imaging Labs Design Studio can help you with elements of the brand to strengthen the university’s ability to communicate its mission and message and create a visual relationship between our audience and everything ASU. Each of these elements has been carefully considered based on how they express the brand individually and collectively. The ASU Brandguide section provides standards, tools, and tips regarding the collected elements of the brand. Here are some examples of the brand for more inspiration!

Stickers, labels, decals

The ASU Print and Imaging Lab have many options for stickers. Here are just a few options to get you started.

  • Vinyl Stickers - Ideal for outdoor use
  • Kiss Cut stickers – perfect for pealing and sticking
  • Clear Stickers – for windows
  • Sticker sheets -are great for creating different designs in one order. Print multiple or the same designs for anyone to stick on their laptops, cellphones, notebooks, or just about anything!
  • Cut vinyl and masking – this works well for clear windows and entryways per the ASU Standards
  • Mailing labels -  perfect for

Custom Stickers can help you find new ways to engage your students with different personalities! Custom stickers offer the freedom, space, and variety in a print marketing tool that caters to the busy and mindful individual. Find the right size, shape, and style you need to make a standout statement sticker that speaks volumes to your audience here. Ask our print experts on what is best for your next project.

Our most popular material is matte vinyl. It has a medium-strength adhesive, suitable for a wide range of applications. And last up to for up to 3-5 years outdoors.


  • Waterproof
  • UV Resistant
  • Medium strength adhesive will stick to most surfaces.
  • White, Matte or gloss finish
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Durable
  • Resistant to scratches, water, and from fading in sunlight.
  • Tear-proof

Product List

Product Custom printing ASU Print Online
A-Frame Inserts Yes Yes
A-Frame Signs Yes Yes
A-Frames Yes Yes
Acrylic Signs Yes  
Address Labels Yes  
Appointment Cards Yes  
Backdrops Yes  
Bag Toppers / Header Cards Yes  
Banner Stands Yes  
Banners Yes  
Beverage Labels Yes  
Booklets Yes  
Bookmarks Yes  
Bottle Labels Yes  
Boxes Yes  
Brochures Yes  
Bumper Stickers Yes  
Business Card Magnets Yes  
Business cards Yes Yes
Business Labels Yes  
Calendars Yes  
Campaign & Political Stickers No  
Candle Labels Yes  
Canning Labels Yes  
Canvas Prints Yes  
Car door decals Yes  
Car Magnets Yes  
Car window stickers Yes  
Carbonless Forms Yes  
Catalogs Yes  
Clear Labels Yes  
Counter Cards Yes  
Custom Die Cut Stickers Yes  
Custom Labels Yes  
Custom Mouse Pads Yes  
Custom Mugs Yes  
Custom Post-it Notes Yes Yes
Custom Printing Yes  
Custom Quote Yes Yes
Custom Stickers Yes  
Custom T-shirts Yes  
Custom Water Bottles Yes  
Design Services Yes  
Direct Mail Yes  
Door hangers Yes  
DrawString backpacks Yes  
DVD Packaging Yes  
Envelopes Yes Yes
Event Tickets Yes  
Face Mask Yes  
Feather Flags Yes  
Flyers Yes  
Folders Yes  
Food Labels Yes  
Free File Review Yes  
Gift Certificates Yes  
Greeting Cards Yes  
Hang Tags Yes  
Health & Beauty Labels Yes  
Invitations Yes  
Jar Labels Yes  
Key chain Yes  
Kids Labels Yes  
Leaflets Yes  
Letterhead Yes  
Magnets Yes  
Men's Polo Yes  
Menus Yes  
Mesh Banners Yes  
Metal signs Yes  
Metallic Hang Tags Yes  
Metallic Stickers Yes  
Mini Brochures Yes  
Mugs Yes  
Name Labels Yes  
Name Tags Yes Yes
Nametag Yes Yes
Newsletters Yes  
Note Cards Yes Yes
Notebooks Yes Yes
NotePads Yes Yes
Oval Labels Yes  
Packaging Labels Yes  
Packaging Sleeves Yes  
Pamphlets Yes  
Paper Coasters Yes Yes
Personalized Pens Yes  
Photo Coasters Yes  
Placemats Yes  
Pop-up Displays Yes Yes
Postcards Yes Yes
Poster Signs Yes Yes
Posters Yes Yes
Premium T-shirts Yes  
Product Labels Yes  
Promotional & Event Stickers Yes  
Promotional items Yes  
Rack Cards Yes  
Refrigerator Magnets Yes  
Retractable Banners Yes Yes
Rip Cards Yes  
Round Labels Yes  
RSVP Cards Yes  
Rubber Stamps Yes  
Sales Sheets Yes  
Save the Date Cards Yes  
Save the Date Magnets Yes  
Shipping & Mailing Labels Yes  
Snap Frame Inserts Yes Yes
Snap Frames Yes Yes
Soap Labels Yes  
Soft Cover Books Yes  
Stand Offs Yes  
Step and Repeat Banners Yes  
Stickers Yes Yes
Table Cloths Yes  
Table Covers Yes  
Table Tents Yes  
Tabletop signs Yes  
Teardrop Flags Yes  
Tension Fabric Banners Yes  
Thank You Cards Yes  
Tote bags Yes  
Vinyl Banners Yes  
Vinyl Labels Yes  
Vinyl Stickers Yes Yes
Wall Decals Yes  
Warning Labels Yes  
Water Bottle Labels Yes  
Waterproof Labels Yes  
Window Clings Yes  
Window Decals Yes  
Wine Labels Yes  
Women's Polo Yes  
Wrapping Paper Yes  
Yard Signs Yes