Design studio

What we do

Design services play an important role in the print industry and we are prepared to help you fill that role. If your department doesn't have a dedicated graphic designer or your marketing/design team is tied up in other projects we can help. Our team of designers are ready to provide their expertise and ASU brand knowledge to your next project.

We can do almost anything you need. See below.

We know printing

We know the printing process and have years of experience preparing and designing files for printing presses and finishing methods. That means we will set you up for success by ensuring we design it to work well with the process. Printing equipment has certain tolerances and we will make sure your job comes out looking fantastic.

RGB vs CMYK vs Spot colors. Margins, bleeds, crossovers, etc. These are all small details, but one little thing being off can throw a wrench in the project and make it less impactful when you receive the finished product.


Design applications

We can most likely help you with anything you need. From wall wraps, annual reports, apparel, packaging, stickers, postcards, variable data, photo panels, brochures, books, tradeshow and event graphics, marketing materials. Let us know what you need help with and we can start collaborating with you.



Print and design projects can get rather complex sometimes. For example, you need to figure out how to compile a 300+ column excel file full of data into a variable print project that also has to be mailed out. You may have a design already, but you may not know where else to start.

These moments can seem daunting, but we can step in and provide expertise to make sure you get your project where it needs to go. Sometimes a simple 30-minute Zoom call can save you thousands of dollars in print or other related expenses around the project. We often have other solutions that can simplify the process and have the same impact.

How can we help you?