Print Anywhere: FAQs


For detailed instructions with pictures visit How-to Guides.

Printing: Select "File" then "Print" and send your document to a Print Anywhere printer. Log in by swiping your ID card or enter with ASURITE and password at any Print Anywhere device to pull up a list of your recently submitted print jobs. Highlight the job you would like to print by selecting it and press the "Print" button.

CopyingLogin by swiping your ID card or enter with an ASURITE ID and password at any Print Anywhere device. Press the "Make Copies" button and load your original document into the feed tray. Using the number pad, type the amount of desired copies and press the green "Start" button.

ScanningLogin by swiping your ID card or enter with an ASURITE ID and password. Press "Scan and Send" and then the "E-Mail" button. Enter your email address and press "okay" twice to confirm. Load your document into the feed tray and press the green "Start" button.

To print from your Windows or Mac computer, please visit Laptop Printing and to download the print driver.

No. ASU affiliates (students, staff and faculty) can use their personal ASU ID card to log in, or their ASURITE and password login.

If you were not issued a Sun Card or Pitchfork ID Card, a Print Anywhere Guest Card can be purchased from any Sun Devil Bookstore location. Guest Cards are intended for campus visitors who do not have an ASURITE login and a My ASU account. They are not recommended for patrons who have lost or forgotten their ID cards. Print Anywhere Guest Cards can be purchased for $6, allowing for 50 prints/copies or 300 scans. To print using a Guest Card, you must print from an ASU Library express print station, ASU Library public reservation computer or by installing the Laptop Printing Driver on your personal computer.

Make sure you are using your most recently issued Sun Card to log into a copier. After receiving a new Sun Card, old cards will no longer work with Print Anywhere. Brand-new Sun Cards can take up to two hours to become active in the Print Anywhere system.

If there are two stripes on the back of your ID card, it is a Pitchfork ID. Please use the black stripe when printing. The gold color stripe is for your bank account and should not be swiped at a Print Anywhere device. A good rule of thumb is to look at the card and ensure your picture is facing upright when swiping.

For lost or stolen Sun Cards and Pitchfork ID cards, contact ASU Card Services as soon as possible. For lost Print Anywhere Guest Cards, please contact us so that we may freeze the card. Lost or stolen cards and associated funds are not the responsibility of the ASU-Canon Strategic Alliance Partnership.

For patrons using a Sun Card, the available balance shows the lifetime total of charges. This will count into the negative as you continue to use Print Anywhere. It does not reflect how much is currently due. To view your current outstanding balance, please visit My ASU. For patrons using a prepaid Print Anywhere Guest Card the available balance accurately reflects the funds remaining on that physical card.

This error message means your laptop cannot communicate with the print server. Make sure you are connected to ASU WiFi and are not on the Guest WiFi network. More technically, the print package uses port 28203 so you may need to set a firewall exception if you have software blocking this port. 

Commonly the copier is not actually out of paper, but someone has tried to print a custom or unsupported paper size. Print Anywhere copiers only carry standard US document sizes: Letter (8.5x11), Legal (8.5x14) and Ledger (11x17). The "Out of Paper" message can be cleared by pressing the physical "Status Monitor/Cancel" button on the bottom left of the control panel and then selecting "Cancel" onscreen. 

If a copier is truly out of paper, reprint your document from a computer and release it from a different copier. After please contact to let us know.

Using your own paper is not advised and, in most cases, can cause paper jams. Moreover, the price you are charged for printing includes paper costs.

Your My ASU account will be charged after releasing a print, copy, or scan from a Print Anywhere device.

When logged in to My ASU, Print Anywhere charges appear under the Finances tab. The date listed next to the charge is the due date. Charges of $25 or more are eligible for late fee assessment if they remain unpaid and age 30 days past their due date. Please review ASU's Late Fee Policy for assessment details and past-due account balance minimums. ASU's preferred payment method is eCheck, but students can go to any Cashiering Services Office on their respective campus and pay using cash.

Charges are grouped by transaction type (BW Print, Color Print, BW Copy, Color Copy), accumulated from the following week and post on Tuesdays. For example: If you printed $2.00 on Tuesday and $3.00 on Friday, the following Tuesday a $5.00 charge would post to your My ASU account.

Please visit Print Anywhere Refunds immediately after printing to request a refund for a print quality issue.

Can't find the answer to your question? Call the UTO Service Desk for support. 

Phone: 480-965-2679 ext. 1