Promotional products

What we offer

The ASU Print and Imaging Lab is a licensed reseller for a wide variety of customized promotional products, and can also navigate you through the process of licensing your products to use ASU registered trademarks and logos. We will handle the legwork and connect you with options through our wholesale network for nearly any promotional product you can think of, and ensure that quality and brand consistency is met along the way.


What's the process

Promotional Items

Looking for a specific item or just browsing for ideas? ASU Print and Imaging Lab is your one-stop-shop for promotional products and business unit gifts. Our extensive range of promo products will ensure you find something to suit your requirements. We have 1000s of selections; the Print and Imaging Lab works with some of the finest manufacturers in the world and offers branded merchandise to fulfill all of your needs

How to order

To order your ASU Promotional items:

  1. Search for Promotional Items catalog #1 here.
  2. Please fill out the Quote request form. Reference the specific model number from the catalog in your request.

Branded merchandise

Merchandise (including clothing, hats, and other apparel), along with promotional items, falls into the categories branded merchandise and fashion merchandise. Trademark Licensing approves items for resale and promotional items. 

The ASU Brand Council, who approve on-campus use of marks, is a small working group that deals with trademark and licensing issues and often reviews art work submitted by units for apparel and giveaways. The ASU Brand Council consists of Enterprise Brand Strategy and ManagementOffice of General CouncilAthletics and the Trademark Licensing office.

Branded merchandise