Print Anywhere: mobile printing

To print from your phone, tablet or laptop choose an option below:

Option 1: Visit and log in using your ASURITE username and password.
              - Click the 'Upload' button to submit a supported file type (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Images, Text, Visio).
              - Files are defaulted two-sided and black and white.
              - Select your document and change print options in the bottom right.
              - The price to print your job will be displayed.

Option 2: From your ASU email account (,
              - Email your document as an attachment to either BW or Color, found below.
                    - Black and White:
                    - Color:
              - All email job are defaulted to double-sided.
              - You will receive a confirmation email when your document is ready.

Once your document is uploaded to the website or sent via email, walk over to any Print Anywhere device on campus to release it. Swipe your Sun Card to log in and your print job will be displayed on screen. Select your document and press the 'Print' button to release it.