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Cathy Skoglund Director

Cathy Skoglund

Director of Operations & Business Development

Employed: 6/06 to present

Cathy Skoglund is the Director of Operations and Business Development for the Arizona State University Print & Imaging Laboratory. She received her Bachelor of Science and Technology degree with an emphasis in Graphic Communications from Arizona State University. Cathy is an effective leader and dynamic manager with detailed experience in all facets of digital printing operations and business development. She is an accomplished industry professional, whose talents include facilitating continuous improvement programs and evolving organizational teams to include operational, tactical, strategic, and visionary results for all stakeholders.

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Chris Myers Operations Manager

Chris Myers

Operations Manager

Employed: April 2011 - Present

Chris Myers is the Manager of Print and Design at the ASU Print & Imaging Lab. His previous work experience in leading edge digital print production and his support of student learning and life guidance make him the perfect fit for managing our production staff. He leads the team developing strategies for quicker workflow, executes comprehensive print production and manages suppliers for best value, quality and service. He implements new technologies, manages performance and coaches team members to grow to their utmost potential. He is an advocate of department collaboration enabling the student workforce to manage complex projects throughout the lab. Chris is responsible for producing projects with utmost quality and delivering on or before the given timeframe. His calm demeanor successfully motivates the team enabling the Print Lab to produce projects with extremely tight deadlines. In his spare time he coaches competitive club soccer and with his wife Sharri, raises his three kids Mathew, Jewell and Sam.

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Customer Service & Estimation

Wes McDonald Customer Experience Manager

Wes McDonald

Customer Experience Manager

Employed: March 2016 - Present

Wes has been employed at the Print and Imaging Lab in several different roles. While he was pursuing his undergraduate degree in Graphic Information Technology, focusing in print technology and photography, he worked as a Large Format Specialist, learning everything from estimating and file prep to printing & finishing. This experience allowed him to secure a job at Prisma Graphic upon graduation, where he worked for a year and a half in their Grand Format department as an estimator, purchasing specialist, and prepress operator. In March of 2016, Wes had the opportunity to return to the ASU Print and Imaging Lab in a full-time role as Customer Experience Manager and estimating team leader.

In his free time, Wes enjoys producing music, playing piano, nature photography, and cooking.

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Bailey Vidler

Bailey Vidler

Premedia Specialist

Employed: Oct. 2016 - present

Bailey is studying Graphic Information Technology at Arizona State University. Prior to October 2016, she never would’ve guessed that she would be working in print, but finds that she looks forward to working in the Print Lab every day.

She aspires to be a graphic designer in the future and hopes to incorporate her passion for photography and illustration into her career. She is eager to learn anything remotely related to design. Her favorite Adobe product is Photoshop. She also enjoys writing, music, the sci-fi/fantasy genre, and the color purple.

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Alyssa Hill

Alyssa Hill

Estimating / Customer Service Specialist

Employed: Aug 2017 - Present

Alyssa is currently studying Graphic Information Technology. 


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Print Production & Finishing

Kyle Pendley Production Manager

Kyle Pendley

Production Manager

Employed: 09/12 to Present

I am passionate about the graphics and print industry. I love to prove people wrong when they say, "Print is Dead" and I love being a part of this changing industry. So many new technologies and new tools come out everyday that allow us to produce some new crazy thing. 

I love photography and problem solving and I think those two go hand in hand. Whenever you take a photo it shouldn't be about just pressing the shutter button, it should be a well though out decision where you have weighed all of the variables that go into that photo. Anyone can press a button on a camera, but where the art and the fun comes from is seeing and capturing the world in your own way.

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Dane Reynolds

Dane Reynolds

Print Production Specialist

Employed: Feb 2017 - Present

Dane is studying Graphic Information Technology. Over his education experience he has dabbled in Mechanical Engineering, Radio Transmissions, Satellite Communications, and is also an aspiring rescue diver.  He currently serves in the Air National Guard as a Radio Satellite Communication Specialist.  Dane was drawn to GIT because he loves creating his own art and wants to gain a well-rounded skill set in the Graphic Communication field.

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Alec Hough

Alec Hough

Print Production Specialist

Employed: Aug. 2013 to present

Alec Hough is currently working towards his Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Information Technology at Arizona State University. Alec currently works at the ASU Print & Imaging Lab in the Bindery department, where he performs the final steps of the printing process.

In his future studies, he also plans to improve his artistic skills with digital art, graphic design, and 3D modeling & rendering.

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Lemuel Hardy

Lemuel Hardy

Print Production Specialist

Employed: May 2015 - present

The print lab has been a eye opening and valuable opportunity for me. The hands on experience of maintenance and operation of industrial production machinery is invaluable as an aspiring mechanical systems engineer and the teamwork involved in keeping every department flowing is ideal for a learning and working environment. I believe will bring many more opportunities to grow in this field as well as potentially in others.

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Cody Pendley

Cody Pendley

Print Production Specialist

Employed: Apr. 2014 - present

I started as an intern at the ASU Print & Imaging Lab. I soon realized that working at the Print Lab was a perfect fit to my many skills and interests. Given the opportunity to work in the large format department I began to learn production on the HP Latex 260, and HP Desingjet Z6100.

I am now getting the opportunity to be trained and run the iGen4 Diamond Edition Digital Press. It is growing my experience as well as my love for this field. I hope this is something I can do for the rest of my life.

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Patrick Moloney

Patrick Moloney

Print Production Specialist

Employed: May 2017 to present

Patrick is currently studying Graphic Information Technology. 


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Carley Petersen

Carley Petersen

Print Production Specialist

Employed: Fall 2017 - Present

Carley is currently studying Graphic Information Technology. 

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Large Format

Daniel Isaghoulian

Daniel Isaghoulian

Large Format Team Lead

Employed: July 2014-Present

Daniel Isaghoulian is currently a GIT major in the Ira A. Fulton School of engineering. He works at the ASU Print & Imaging Lab as a Large Format Specialist. Daniel helps to manage his department and ensures that jobs get completed. He has experience running the machines in his department, which include a Latex 260 and a Roland SolJet Pro4 XR-640. Daniel has managed a few large projects while he has been working at the Print Lab. He can coordinate with other organizations, and make sure everything is in order for whatever job they are currently working on.

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Liam Anderson

Liam Anderson

Large Format Specialist

Employed: Fall 2017 - Present

Photography is just one small part of Graphic Information Technology. I am focusing on commercial photography and video along with 3D animation, but a Bachelor's Degree requires study in many areas. Other areas of Graphic Information Technology that I am becoming proficient in are web design and development, graphic design, print and multimedia.

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Amy Flores Lead Graphic Designer

Amy Flores

Graphic Designer

Employed: Oct. 2016 - present

Amy Flores graduated from ASU with a degree in Graphic Information Technology in 2015, while at ASU she was involved in multiple organizations on campus as well as working at the Print Lab where she was a PreMedia Specialist. She has since returned to her hometown in the Pacific Northwest to work as a graphic designer and photographer for a design team that has worked with clients such as Capital One Bank, Nordstrom, and Urban Outfitters.

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Casey Harvill

Casey Harvill

Premedia Specialist

Employed: Aug 2017 - Present

Casey is currently studying Graphic Information Technology. 


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Web Services and Development

Chris Halkovic Digital Workflow Manager

Chris Halkovic

Digital Workflow and Web to Print Manager

Employed: Feb 2013 - Present

Chris joined the Print and Imaging Lab in February 2013 as a student worker and then was hired on full time in October 2016. As the Digital Workflow Manager, Chris manages a team of three programmers/developers. He is responsible for managing ASU Print Online and DevilSnaps.com, designing automation workflows for his team to build using Enfocus Switch, and is the first line of defense for computers, software, and hardware maintenance at the lab

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Mitchell Roberts

Mitchell Roberts

Digital Workflow Specialist

Employed: Oct. 2015 - present

Mitchell is developing his creative abilities by studying graphics Information Technology at Arizona State University. For the past seven years he has been creating and producing music and video while studying part time. As a full time student working in the Print and Imaging Lab, he is expanding his knowledge of technology that will enable him to apply his creative capabilities in a broader context. He is fascinated by digital illustration, web design, and the incredible evolving print industry.

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Accounts Payable & Receivable

Alisha Pendley Accounting Specialist

Alisha Pendley

Business Specialist

Employed: October 2013 - Present

Alisha is a full time student working on her undergraduate degree in Human Resource Management. It makes perfect sense to place Alisha in the Business Specialist role for the ASU Print and Imaging Lab. She is responsible for accounts payable and receivable, p-card reconciliations and profit-and-loss reports. Alisha plays an active role in the student hiring process by scheduling interviews, producing new hire packets for prospective employees and providing orientation. Along with being a full time student and working at the ASU Print and Imaging Lab, Alisha also interns in the human resource department at Ewing Irrigation. Alisha has a strong work ethic and is self motivated to accomplish every task given to her.

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