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Chris Myers Director

Chris Myers


Employed: Apr. 2011 - present

Chris Myers is the Director at the ASU Print and Imaging Lab. He has worked in the print industry for over 25 years. His previous work experience in leading-edge digital print production and his support of student learning and life guidance make him the perfect fit for Directing our production staff. He leads the team developing strategies for quicker workflow, executes comprehensive print production and manages suppliers for best value, quality, service. He implements new technologies, maintains performance and coaches team members to grow to their utmost potential. He is an advocate of department collaboration enabling the student workforce to manage complex projects throughout the lab. Chris is responsible for producing projects with maximum quality and delivering on or before the given timeframe. His calm demeanor successfully motivates the team enabling the Print Lab to provide plans for production with extremely tight deadlines. In his spare time he loves kayaking the rivers of Arizona and enjoying the outdoors with his wife Sharri, and his three kids Matt, Jewell, and Sam.

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Customer service and estimating

Wes McDonald Customer Experience Manager

Wes McDonald

Customer Experience Manager

Employed: March 2016 - Present

Wes has been employed at the Print and Imaging Lab in several different roles. While he was pursuing his undergraduate degree in Graphic Information Technology, focusing in print technology and photography, he worked as a Large Format Specialist, learning everything from estimating and file prep to printing & finishing. This experience allowed him to secure a job at Prisma Graphic upon graduation, where he worked for a year and a half in their Grand Format department as an estimator, purchasing specialist, and prepress operator. In March of 2016, Wes had the opportunity to return to the ASU Print and Imaging Lab in a full-time role as Customer Experience Manager and estimating team leader.

In his free time, Wes enjoys producing music, playing Nintendo games, nature photography, and cooking.

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Katrina Hammon

Katrina Hammon

Customer Service Represntative and Estimator

Employed: November 2019 - Present

Katrina is pursuing a degree in Graphic Information Technology with a focus in printing and digital publication. Katrina is aspiring to be a graphic designer with the abilities to design and produce creative work for various clients, mostly business related. She enjoys the GIT program because it combines many aspects of creativity and technology. Working at the Print and Imaging Lab has provided a hands-on experience for Katrina, which will be useful for her in the future as she aspires to open her own print shop. Katrina is also vice-president for AIGA Polytechnic Student Club. She loves to be creative in many forms such as wood painting, water coloring, crafting floral arrangements, photography and many other artistries. As a side hobby, Katrina is an interior designer.

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Ally O'Brien

Ally O'Brien

Customer Service Representative and Estimator

Employed: March 2020 - present

Ally is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Graphics Information Technology with a primary focus in Print and
Design, and secondary focus in Sociology. She aspires to become an Artistic Director and plans on pursuing her Master’s degree in Graphic Design post-graduation. Working at the Print and Imaging Lab has provided Ally the opportunity to acquire first hand business experience as well as sharpen communication and organizational skills. Outside of work and school, Ally enjoys crafting, thrift shopping, cooking, and traveling.
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Print production and finishing

Kyle Pendley Sr. Production Manager

Kyle Pendley

Senior Production Manager

Employed: Sept. 2012 - present

Kyle Pendley joined the Print Lab in September 2012 as a freshman in college. From there he has worked his way through the ranks mastering bindery, press operation, customer service, and estimation. He is now the Sr. Production Manager ensuring that deadlines are met, equipment is maintained, student employees learn at the highest level and that only the best quality is delivered to our customers.

Kyle has a Bachelor’s degree from the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering in Graphic Information Technology (GIT). He lives in Queen Creek with his wife Alisha and their beautiful daughter Harper. Kyle enjoys working on his 2000 Jeep Wrangler and exploring the great outdoors on 4-wheeling trips.

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Daniel Isaghoulian Production Manager

Daniel Isaghoulian

Production Manager

Employed: July 2014-Present

Daniel Isaghoulian is a GIT graduate. He works at the ASU Print and Imaging Lab as the Large Format Manager. He manages the day to day operations of his department, while also continuing to expand and grow capabilities that they offer. He has experience running and maintaining all the equipment in his department, which include a Latex 570 and a Fuji Flatbed. He manages all the large projects that come through the department. This could be anything from wrapping a stadium suite to producing over 1400 square feet of wall graphics for the local high school. No matter the project, Daniel makes sure that the finished product is as close to perfection as possible.

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Riley Linch Team Lead

Riley Linch

Production Team Lead

Employed: 5/29/2018 - Present

Riley is studying to receive a bachelor's degree in Graphic Information Technology, with a primary focus area in animation and a certificate in Game Design at ASU. Graduating in 2020 he is gaining vast experience in various fields of technology and Print. Largely due to working at the ASU Print & Imaging Lab where he is learning all aspects of bindery as well as customer service and estimation, where he can deliver fast and accurate information to incoming ASU customers.

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Katherine Willes

Katherine Willes

Production Specialist

Employed: November 2019 - Present

Hi! I’m Katie! I was born and raised here in The Valley of the Sun and I love to be creative! I love to sing, draw, and make new friends! Since I was little, I have trained to be a “jack of all trades” when it comes to being creative. I started with drawing but have moved to watercolor, sock animals, crochet, and now digital art and composition. I am currently working on my Bachelors in Graphic Information Technology and I’m so thankful to be working here at the Print Lab!

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Morgan Daley

Morgan Daley

Production Specialist

Employed: Dec. 2018 - Present

Morgan is currently studying Graphics Information Technology. He started at ASU in spring of 2018, and transferred to GIT in Fall of 2018. His focus area is Graphic Design, with a secondary in Web Development. He aspires to be a concept artist, but chose a second focus that would allow him to spread his skills past what he knows, and hopes it will give him more insight and inspiration for future projects. He enjoys working in bindery because of its hands-on nature, and for the finality and satisfaction of performing final touches on the projects that come through the Print and Imaging Lab.

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Fernanda Duarte

Fernanda Duarte

Production Specialist

Employed: March 2020 - present

Currently pursuing a BSE in Mechanical Engineering Systems with a focus in Manufacturing. Working at the Print Lab encourages my passion for innovation and creativity as I take part in the production process. I am always seeking for the opportunity to have new experiences and to learn something new. As a Latina first generation college student, I am constantly working diligently and striving for success. My experience as an out-of-state student at ASU has been exciting so far, and I look forward to what the future has in store for me.
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Cameron Lee Team Lead

Cameron Lee

Prepress Team Lead

Employed: 6/11/2018 - Present

Cameron is currently studying to receive a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Information Technology with a focus area of photo and video. Cameron is passionate about using photo and video to tell stories in a visually interesting and engaging way. He is especially excited to be pursuing this career path and will be concentrating on content creation for digital marketing and brand creation. In Cameron’s free time he enjoys traveling, backpacking, and pursuing entrepreneurial ventures.

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Ava Hansen

Ava Hansen

Prepress Specialist

Employed: 9/10/2018 - Present

The saying, “A picture can say a thousand words” is more than a phrase when it comes to Ava’s work. After first discovering a passion for print/graphic design as Editor-in-Chief of ROAR magazine and later a love for photography, Ava has decided to take her level of knowledge further by pursuing a degree in Graphic Information Technology. Since working at the ASU Print & Imaging Lab, Ava has already been recognized as a 1st place winner in the Arizona State University G.I.T. Awards for her Social Media Graphic Design, a 2nd place award for Digital Photography, and a Rising Star Award. She is excited to follow the adventures and experiences that the Print Lab will give her.

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