Print Anywhere

Print Anywhere is a network of 65 public copy machines that provide 24/7 document services at Arizona State University. Each copier can print, photocopy and scan to email. When printing at an ASU library or computer lab, your print jobs will automatically link to your My ASU account and Sun Card.

ASU students, staff and faculty are charged on their My ASU accounts for printing, copying and scanning. Visitors without a university ID card, can purchase a prepaid Print Anywhere Guest Card from a Sun Devil Bookstore to use a copier.


The directory below combines our services under one convenient number.

Phone: (480) 965-COPY(2679)

  • Option #1: Print Anywhere support
  • Option #2: Device service and supplies
  • Option #3: PrintU Copy Center
  • Option #4: Sales, billing and general inquiries


We're 100%

Print Anywhere printers now use 100% recycled paper!

Save Money, Save Paper - Print Two-Sided

Starting January 31st 2018, all Print Anywhere printers print two-sided by default. For every two-sided sheet of paper printed you’ll save 2¢ off the normal price.

Print, copy and scan prices (per page)

  • Letter (8.5x11): 12¢ black & white / 50¢ color
  • Legal (8.5x14): 12¢ black & white / 50¢ color
  • Ledger (11x17): 24¢ black & white / $1 color
  • Scanning any size document: 2¢ per page