Multi-function copiers

To order new Canon multifunction copiers at Arizona State University.

Ensure your office is printing, copying and scanning while aligning to sustainability expectations and guidelines. With your help we can make sure document workflow minimizes waste and increases productivity. Get started by filling out the assessment request form below.

How does it work?

  1. A Canon team member will visit your office to discuss your printing, copying and scanning needs and review your current hardware.
  2. An analysis of your office's print environment will be made based on historic print volumes, configurations and printing behaviors.
  3. A recommendation for a more sustainable print environment will be presented leveraging Canon's latest technology.

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Assessment Request

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Why schedule?

  • It's FREE as part of the services provided by the ASU-Canon partnership
  • Consolidate many single-function devices into one Multifunction Copier
  • Upgrade outdated equipment for better speed, reliability and security
  • Evaluate your current print environment for cost and energy savings
  • Take advantage of excellent on-campus services provided by Canon
  • Commit to help build ASU into a Sustainable Digital University


Give us a call

Monday-Friday 8am-4pm

  1. (480) 965-COPY(2679) 
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