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Powered by the iWay Online Ordering System by Bitstream 
ASU Print Online is a comprehensive end-to-end web to print system - from print buyer submission, through production, to fulfillment, delivery, and billing. Over 90% of the printing produced at the ASU Print & Imaging Lab is managed and processed through ASU Print Online. The iWay software facilitates the creation of static and variable data templates using a PDF workflow. This then provides pre-flight reports, PDF proofs and pricing - all automatically and online. iWay integrates with complementary systems such as the HP Indigo Press and Kodak Prinergy to provide automatic job imposition layout and routing to printing devices based on cost-performance algorithms. Another great benefit to ASU Print Online is that it allows ASU customers to easily search for their required materials and simply order personalized and variable data jobs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This comes with personalized access for each customer giving that particular user access to templates catering to their needs. Jobs are tracked throughout the entire production process and can be stored for up to two years.

PreMedia Department 

The Print Lab offers design services both web and print and we know the ComGuide rules by conforming to them during the design process. We prepare digital files on both Mac and PC workstations using the latest software tools, such as Adobe Creative Suite, HP’s SmartStream Variable Data tools, iWay by Bitstream, MindFire, Kodak Prinergy with Preps and Kodak Insite Asset Library system. These sophisticated online ordering and Internet based PreMedia systems improve project turnaround time and customer satisfaction. These are the top applications used in the largest printing companies around the world.

Digital Printing Department 

Digital color printing offers the fastest, most cost effective and flexible means to produce small quantities of documents and allows the opportunity to produce variable data printing, where each copy can be uniquely personalized for a specific recipient.

HP Indigo Digital Press the ultimate digital printing solution, our HP Indigo 7 color digital offset press utilizes HP’s ElectroInk Technology HP Indigo is the only liquid ink digital press as all other digital presses utilize a dry toner. This press utilizes an electrostatic process where the liquid ink is repelled or attracted by means of a negative or positive charge on a dynamic plate surface. The process produces the best color accuracy and consistency of all digital presses with production rates of 68 PPM color and 136 PPM black and white. The Indigo can support a wide range of substrates including specialty media such as vinyl, plastics, and magnets, and at the ASU Print & Imaging Lab we print with the basic process colors cyan, magenta, yellow, and black in addition to 3 spot colors: PMS123, PMS208, and PMS431, ASU's standard logo/branding colors.

PSI Digital Envelope Press due to the increasing demand for full color envelopes and ever smaller print runs, we have recently added a PSI Digital Envelope Press. Printing up to 55 envelopes per minute in color on envelope sizes from A-2 to 10 x 13, the PSI can produce runs as short as you like, at 1200 x 1200 resolution, producing the highest possible quality from any laser printing device. The toners are ‘printer-friendly’ so that the envelopes can be imprinted for addresses, etc. as you need them. The capabilities of this new press make for highly efficient operations with lower costs and faster turn-around times.

HP CM8060Digital Inkjet Printer this is our world-class inkjet printer which utilizes HP Edgeline Technology. Instead of moving the print head back and forth, this device moves the paper. The CM8060 provides all-in-one functions - variable data printing, color copying, color scanning, and faxing at 60 pages-per-minute (PPM) black and white and 50 PPM color.

HP 9500 Laserjet Printer this is our high-end color laser printer producing 24 PPM in black and white or color. This technology uses closed-loop color calibration for excellent color consistency.

Offset Printing Department

Although digital printing has made tremendous progress and does seriously rival traditional offset printing, it does not mean that offset printing is now obsolete. Some printing jobs are better suited for offset printing due to run length, number of colors or other considerations.

Heidelberg QuickMaster 42 Press this automated push button operated 2-color press is the best in its class. It is equipped with auto plate loaders and blanket washers to quickly prepare for the next job. Recently we have added a Universal Envelope Feeder to this press, which allows for fast and efficient production of 2 color envelopes in medium to longer run lengths.

Ryobi 512 the Ryobi is an offset printing press with push button operation. It has a large ink roller system to handle heavy solid coverage, and a streaming feeder with a pull guide registration system.

HalmJet J.P. Envelope Press this is a specialty offset 2 color press with a feeder and delivery system designed specifically for printing envelopes. We print millions of ASU envelopes each year on this press.

Large Format Department

HP Designjet Z6100 images up to 60 inches wide. Eight color Vivera pigment inks (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta, photo black, matte black) can offer more than 72.9 million colors. Vivera inks are known for their durability and fade resistant capabilities lasting for 108 years while providing true-to-life photo quality. 

HP Designjet 5500 images up to 60 inches wide. Six color Thermal inkjet technology (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta) UV inks allow printing on special media, such as canvas and vinyl.

Finishing Department 

Recently we have upgraded all of our finishing equipment and added several new services. At the lab we now have modern and efficient equipment for cutting, scoring, folding, perfing, saddlestitching and plastic coil binding. These upgrades and additions will allow us to produce a wider variety of work, faster and more cost effective than ever before.